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Like a Pheonix...

polly weinstein

I was in line for Security at the Miami airport when I got the first call. 

"Hello, This is Alarmco calling. We have a glass break on the second floor window."

What the hell? I thought. "I'm walking through airport security. Can you call me back in five minutes and let me know if it resets?"

I'm used to phone calls from Alarmco. I have a high tech security system at home and the alarm goes off at the drop of a blow dryer on the hard wood floor - literally, it's happened. A moment later, the phone rang again.

"Miss Weinstein. This is Alarmco calling. Your kitchen door glass break has now gone off" 

Great. I'm being robbed, I thought. Then came the call from the neighbor. My house was on fire. 

When I arrived in Las Vegas, the fire department debriefed me over the telephone. A lightening strike at 3:30 afternoon on the 1st of February dead smack in the middle of Las Vegas. Lightening hit a tree and then my roof. Burned the house half down. Uninhabitable. Smoke and fire damage throughout. Rooms completely exposed to the elements. LIGHTENING. Can you fricken believe it? What are the odds, you ask? Better than you think. Roughly 1 in 450,000. Better than the lottery. But wait, it gets better. 

Three weeks earlier, from a less than savory Tarot deck, I pulled the Tower card and made public note of its ominous quality on Instagram. It resonated with me. The Tower is a card about change and upheaval - imminent and intense - and I had my own interpretation of what I thought was coming when I pulled the card. The impending change inspired me to take on a Phoenix like quality. I thought, maybe I can rise above it.



Besides some general manifestation (you know, thinking Phoenix thoughts during sun salutations) and busting out this amazing cashmere poncho with a Phoenix on it I've have since high school - three weeks went by and I thought nothing further of the Tower card. Then my house was destroyed - hit by a lightening bolt and set ablaze - and all my belongings, my collections of art and books and vintage clothes and my furniture along with it - and THAT PHOENIX PONCHO I'D HAD SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. I thought of the lightening bolt on that Tower card - of my embodying a Phoenix and I wondered - did I manifest this? 

The day after it happened, the lightening strike was in the paper. So, that made it feel pretty real. I still hadn't seen the house at this point. I was staying with my parents and it was chaotic and loud (3 dogs, 4 cats, A cockatoo and two love birds, plus Fox News at full blast. Some of the animals mine). A few days passed before I was able to see what condition the house was in and see if any of my belongings were salvageable. Jerry came with me.


I have to admit, I was pretty numb when we first visited the site of my former home. The wreckage was so intense - the roof completely torn open and charred. Windows shattered. So much black debris in the driveway you couldn't walk without screwing up your shoes. Jerry went in and found me a pair of my once loved knee high Loeffler Randall rain boots and we went sludging through wet black muck. Of all the things we're going to try to salvage after the fire, the boots are toast. 



I am lucky enough to have a caring landlord and neighbors who called me and warned the fire department about my pets. My unending gratitude to the devoted firemen who went back into the house, risking their lives to save my two cats Ben and Mo. I'm also lucky enough to have a man who adores me and was willing to put a roof over my head without blinking an eye. Jerry has been by my side digging through ashes, schlepping smokey furniture, and holding my hand when it was shakey. It's been a tough month and it would have been a lot tougher with out him lifting me up. 

With that update, I hope you can understand The Jeweler's Daughter brick and mortar Shop is by appointment only for the next few months while I put my life back together. The website will be kickin' with new product and content all the time and I'll be going on adventures that I will definitely share here. Stay tuned and feel free to drop me a line on the CONTACT US link in the upper right corner of the new site. Xx Polly