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Heirloom Stories - Mother's Charm Bracelet

polly weinstein

Charm Bracelet

I want to tell you a story about my most treasured piece of jewelry. Of all the diamonds I've worn in my lifetime, all the fabulous opals and sparkling sapphires my father has allowed me to borrow or has given to me as a gift - nothing compares to this charm bracelet. 

This charm bracelet belonged to my grandmother on my father's side, who I'm named after. My dad started it for her in 1967 - just a few years after he left Detroit to come to Las Vegas. He cherished his mother and was very sad to leave her back East. The inscription on the large charm with the הי reads "To the greatest mother in the world. Love, Yenkel 5-14-67" Yenkel is my father's Hebrew name. The other charms have inscriptions of all her children's names and their children's names. My dad filled it up as babies were born until she passed. I was born a few years later.

I'm not sure how it happened that my dad waited 28 years to give it to me - I think he put it away for safe keeping and forgot about it. One day, we were in his office together looking at jobs and he came upon an envelope with my name on it. He poured it out into his hand - it made such a wonderful jangling noise - and his eyes welled up with tears. "Here, this belongs to you" and he slipped it on my wrist.

I wear it most days and always when I need to feel strong. It reminds me where I came from, of all the love supporting me and the sacrifices my dad made to create a life for our family. 💗

I want to hear your Heirloom Story! Send me an email with a story and a clear photo of your most treasured family heirloom and I might just share it here or on Instagram. My hope is to one day put together a coffee table book (and a booming instagram account) of treasured family heirlooms  - so please, if you're so inclined, share your story with me. I'd love to hear it!