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Polly Weinstein, daughter of legendary Las Vegas jeweler Jack Weinstein, was raised in the jewelry business, doing cartwheels between showcases and rummaging through junk boxes full of treasure in her family’s store. 

She started The Jeweler's Daughter in 2011, after discovering the potential marriage between her art school education, love of fashion and her family’s business. 

Polly’s classical aesthetic is greatly influenced by her years spent surrounded by meticulous craftsmanship and beautiful design. Although her identity as the daughter of a jeweler has imbued her with a sophisticated eye, it is her own personal style that defines her work.

The Jeweler’s Daughter collections are rooted in tradition but don’t rest there. Polly creates bold classics with a twist. She’s developed a balanced collection of approachable designs with unexpectedly edgy touches, and an array of influences such as industrial design, architecture, art deco and reworked costume jewelry. Polly combines old world craftsmanship with 3D printing technology to create jewelry classics that will last for generations. 

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